LaSierra is a Colombian jewelry brand designed and handcrafted by master artisans. Every piece is inspired by nature's shapes and influenced by the artistic imprint of diverse cultures around the globe.

By combining textures and colors and applying creative techniques in the crafting process, we merge passion and design into each unique jewel.

The Story

Maria Isabel Cardona is the Founder and Creative Director of LaSierra Jewelry. At age 22, she began designing jewels in her hometown, Cali, Colombia, and selling them to close friends and family.

She created her first jewelry brand in 2005, which grew to have nine stores throughout Colombia.

In 2016, she felt the need to explore new paths after sensing a burning desire to reinvent what she had originally created, this led her to end the brand she had established up till that moment.

“Leaving behind everything I had built during the last ten years to follow my instincts took incredible faith and boldness”, she states.

And this was the beginning of a new journey…

Our World

A new story initiated in 2017 as LaSierra Jewelry, “when all the elements that I had envisioned finally came together”, says the designer.

With a vision to give women the freedom to dare, to be themselves, and with a sensibility for art, LaSierra celebrates multicultural heritage, finding a balance between the past and the present. It is through this unique mix of ideas and intuition, of hands, heart and reason that our eclectic pieces come together.

We believe life is an adventure worth enjoying, where all women can be authentic, independent and free spirited. Our jewels are an ode to femininity, consciousness, self-confidence and effortless beauty.

Our designs evoke the organic essence of nature and are characterized by an experimental approach to materials and textures. Adding our unique flair for mixing geometric silhouettes, delicate elements and versatile color palette.

LaSierra's pieces are forged with expertise by the hands of master Colombian goldsmiths, creating work opportunities through passion and commitment.

The spirit of LaSierra is reflected by the harmonious lightness of our boutiques, where boho meets elegant, and every woman can discover our timeless perspective of contemporary jewelry.